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Albus Severus/Scorpius Shippers
Pica's Scorbus Arc 
9th-Dec-2016 05:12 pm
Ravenclaw - Magpie
I started writing my Scorbus Arc in August, and it has been growing! There are now seven stories in the arc, totaling about 38k words. Here they are in chronological order:

  • Best Mates (3300 words, rated G) - When Albus confesses his feelings for him, at first Scorpius isn't sure whether he loves Albus or LOVES Albus.

  • Hogsmeade Outing (2600, G) - On their first date in Hogsmeade, Scorpius decides he doesn't want his relationship with Albus to have to be a secret.

  • Protego Club (4200, G) - Albus and Scorpius are invited to join the Hogwarts LGBT club. They will make new friends, whether Albus likes it or not.

  • Albus Day (7900, T) - NEW! It's Albus's 16th birthday, and Scorpius has plans for him.

  • No Distractions (8300, E) - While studying for OWLs, Albus and Scorpius turn kissing from a distraction into an incentive. But once their exams are finished, they want no distractions from each other.

  • The Talk (4900, M) - After coming out to his parents about his relationship with Scorpius, Albus is not prepared for an all-new gay version of the "birds and the bees" conversation with his father, or the secret Harry shares with him.

  • Missing Pieces (6900, T) - When Scorpius finally gathers the courage to come out to his father, at first Draco doesn't take it very well. Angst and drama with a happy ending.

All stories take place during and after Albus and Scorpius's 5th year at Hogwarts, about a year after the events ofThe Cursed Child, and are compliant with the published text of the play.

All my stories can also be found at my fanficion.net archive.
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