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Albus Severus/Scorpius Shippers
I want to apologize in advance. This is my least favorite… 
4th-Aug-2010 01:13 am
I want to apologize in advance. This is my least favorite chapter. It's hard to write eleven year olds. Especially ones that are mature, but you don't want them to sound TOO mature. Eleven-year-old Scorpius is hard to write. I don't like this chapter. I've tried to fix it, but it just seems to get worse and worse. Anyways....rambling.

Author: andprosper 
Title: Albus Potter and the Great Divide
Pairing: AS/S
Summary: When you’re named after the three biggest heroes the Wizarding World has ever seen, your life is filled to the brim with expectations of greatness. Life has not been so easy for Albus Severus Potter, who, by all accounts, can be considered nothing more than ordinary. As he learns how to find his own way and escape the burden of his name, life decides to throw a few obstacles in his path. Namely, one Scorpius Malfoy.

Current chapter – We see Scorpius's first experiences at Hogwarts.
Warning: Current chapter - none
Word Count: Current chapter – 5,687, whole fic (as of 8/3) – 59,465
Rating: Current chapter – G, whole fic (as of 7/31) - R
Notes: A big thanks to my beta, ladycloche , for sticking with me on this. This entire piece is a WIP, about halfway done currently at 13 completed chapters (not including the prologue), which I will try to update frequently.

Chapter Two
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